The TuAnalyze Project involves using a novel social networking application deployed on a large international online diabetes social network. The mission of the TuAnalyze project is: "To empower people touched by diabetes to track, share and compare their health information for research advancing diabetes care and public health response." TuAnalyze supports consented collection, sharing and display of biomedical and behavioral diabetes data. The application stores user-entered data in an Indivo PCHR, allowing for strict user control of data sharing and access. TuAnalyze provides a biosurveillance-derived display of live, aggregate, geo-referenced data back to the community for benchmarking and to incent ongoing engagement. Through TuAnalyze, we have engaged a cohort of thousands of persons with diabetes for ongoing research and population health surveillance. The application is jointly developed by Boston Children's Hospital and the Diabetes Hands Foundation, and is available in both English (tudiabetes.org) and Spanish (estudiabetes.org). This project is supported under the Harvard Center of Excellence in Public Health Informatics, with funds from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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